logo of ISSEY MIYAKE Watch Project 20th Anniversary Visual of ISSEY MIYAKE Watch Project 20th Anniversary

It has been 20 years since the ISSEY MIYAKE WATCH project was launched.

The world-renowned product designers have created a wide variety of watches
that express the spirit of the ISSEY MIYAKE brand with their own interpretation and methods.

While exploring the possibilities of design,
we will continue to create watches that bring new value to people’s daily lives.

ご愛用のイッセイ ミヤケ ウオッチを着用の上ご来場いただいたお客様には、20周年ロゴをプリントした時計用のクロスをご進呈いたします。会場スタッフまでお申し付けください。数量に限りがございます。無くなり次第終了とさせていただきますので、予めご了承ください。お一人様につき一枚までとさせていただきます。Customers who come to the exhibition wearing their favorite Issey Miyake watch will receive a watch cloth printed with the 20th anniversary logo. Please ask the staff at the venue. Please note that the quantity is limited and will end as soon as they run out. There is also a limit of one per person.

Messages from designers

Shunji Yamanaka

Harri Koskinen

Ross Lovegrove

Yves Béhar

Jasper Morrison

Ichiro Iwasaki

Kiyoyuki Ken Okuyama

Nao Tamura

Konstantin Grcic