To understand this wondrous world...

Time is of no use to the natural world.
We humans, however,
need time to understand this wondrous world and invented the watch to measure it.
The watch tells us the position of the sun,
the duration of walking and the moment a flower blooms.

A watch as an intelligent agent for everyday exploration

It is also an essential tool for the observation and recording of activities of small creatures. A wristwatch behaves as a clever servant that fills the demand of a scientific attitude. The INSETTO design incorporates several concepts such as Jean-Henri Fabre, natural history and the flow of time in the biosphere. The final design statement, 'A watch as an intelligent agent for everyday exploration,' clearly describes the new watch INSETTO.

A small machine to serve you

The case, stem, and hands are modeled on the head, legs, and antennae of an insect. The subtle coloring extends to even the smallest details, while the carefully selected materials glow with a uniquely luminescent sparkle. Now the wonders of nature's most amazing creatures are with you always.


Shunji Yamanaka

Shunji Yamanaka
Product designer

Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, in 1982. He joined Nissan Motors Design Center the same year, and became an independent industrial designer in 1987. He became Assistant Professor in the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Engineering in 1991 and stayed at the university until 1994. He founded Leading Edge Design in 1994 and serves as the president of the corporation. He was appointed as the Professor of the Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University in 2008.
He is a creator of numerous products and basic technologies—from automobiles, cameras, watches, robots, mobile phones, furniture to the design of interface for mass-transit smart card machines—based on a design approach fusing art and technology. He has received many awards including the 2004 Mainichi Design Award, iF Product Design Award (Germany) and Good Design Award ‘Gold Prize’ (Japan). Tagtype keyboard was selected for the collection of New York MoMA in 2009.

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