The rounded square form of the GO watches is a slight squaring of the round go stone.
Picked up and played with the fingers, go stones are welcome to the touch and make you feel good when handling them.
Just a glance at these new watches tells you they must feel good!
I have produced a most satisfying design, both tactilely and visually. Figures on the dial mirror the same rounded square of the case.

Naoto Fukasawa


Naoto Fukasawa

Naoto Fukasawa
Product designer

Born in 1956, Fukasawa consults on designs for major companies and leading brands in Europe, Asia, and Japan. Based on his ideas described in “Without Thought,” he regularly stages workshops to inspire designs arising from humanity’s unconscious memories and acts.
In 2006, he established “Super Normal” with Jasper Morrison. In 2007, he was bestowed the distinction “Royal Designer for Industry” by the British Royal Society of Arts. Fukasawa staged the exhibition “The Outline: Unseen Outline of Things” (2009) with photographer Tamotsu Fujii at 21_21 Design Sight.
Included among his major books are “The Outline: Unseen Outline of Things” (Hachette Fujingaho), “Outline of Design” (TOTO), “NAOTO FUKASAWA” (Phaidon), a collection of his works, and “Super Normal” (Lars Müller Publishers) jointly authored with Jasper Morrison.

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